Mrs Baker’s Still House

Mrs Baker’s still house is a boutique distillery in the Pyrenees.  Located at Wimmera Hills Winery, Glenpatrick.  See also Mrs Baker’s Still House.

Mrs Baker’s DRY GIN – sensual & intellectual

Made with wine spirit and garden grown Glenpatrick botanicals, this gin has a rich floral and herbaceous tapestry.  44% alcohol.

We like to serve Mrs Baker’s sensual & intellectual GIN with Fevertree tonic water.  Garnish with rosemary, or lime or cucumber depending on your mood.


Mrs Baker’s Triple Sec – wild orange liqueur

Triple sec is a very sweet orange-flavoured liqueur made from the dried peels of bitter and sweet oranges.  We forage seasonal wild oranges in our valley at Glenpatrick and it is the main the flavour ingredient in this drink.

Anything you can do with Cointreau you can make with Mrs Baker’s Triple Sec



Mrs Baker’s Tasmannia lanceolata – native pepper berry PINK gin

We have made a gin with the traditional botanicals very low key, to allow the flavours of the Australian native pepperberry to shine through. Tasmannia lanceolata grows in Tasmania and south east mainland Australia.  The colour and flavour infuse naturally through the gin.  So pretty!  So delicious!   44% alcohol.