New Release – Mrs Baker’s new gin – with indigenous pepperberry

It is PINK, it is hot, and it has Australian botanicals:   Tasmannia lanceolata.
Our newest gin has restrained the traditional botanicals of juniper, coriander and citrus in order to allow the indigenous pepperberry to glow through.  Not only does the pepperberry give the gin an peppery spicy flavour and mouthfeel; it imparts the gorgeous natural pink colouring.

Mrs. Baker’s DRY GIN – March 2017

We distill small batches of fine gin using locally grown Glenpatrick botanicals.
See also Mrs Baker’s Still House.

We also make liqueurs:

  • Orange triple sec – flavoured with wild Glenpatrick oranges.  (Cointreau is the most famous Triple Sec.)
  • Blueberry mistelle liqueur – “Out of the BLUE berry liqueur” – with seasonal blueberries from our good friends at the Elmhurst Blueberry farm.  Ingredients just fresh local blueberry juice and local grape spirit.