Mrs Baker’s still house is a boutique distillery in the Pyrenees.  Located at Wimmera Hills Winery, Glenpatrick.  See also Mrs Baker’s Still House.

Mrs Baker’s DRY GIN
Made with wine spirit and locally grown Glenpatrick botanicals, this gin has a beautiful floral and herbaceous nature.  44% alcohol.

Mrs Baker’s Triple Sec
Triple sec is a very sweet orange-flavoured liqueur made from the dried peels of bitter and sweet oranges.  We forage seasonal wild oranges in our valley at Glenpatrick and it is the main the flavour ingredient in this drink.


Mrs Baker’s out of the BLUE berry liqueur

Made from the juice blueberries grown by our good friends at the Elmhurst Blueberry farm, and fortified with clear-grape spirit.  This is a bright clear, not sweet liqueur, displaying a beautiful colour.    20% alcohol.

Try a splash of OUT OF THE BLUE with champagne, a very pretty drink and quite a surprise.