Red is Green

Our red wine is green

  • We aim to choose the environmentally sustainable option in all production and management actions.
  • We believe the enterprise can be environmentally and commercially sustainable.
  • We aim to minimise the use of pesticides in the vineyard. 
  • We use soil conservation practices in our vineyard.
  • If you rinse your bottles and return them to our winery we will sterilize and re-use them.

We have calculated the carbon footprint of our 2007 vintage.  In a nutshell: our wine is carbon neutral until we bottle it.  The carbon sequestered in the permanent structure of the vines offsets all the fuel used in the vineyard, travelling around on winery business and the power consumed in the winery.  The glass bottles have twice the carbon footprint of the rest of the operation put together.

We used the wine industry specific greenhouse gas accounting protocol and calculator developed for use in California, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.  If you are keen to understand the details the protocol and calculator are a good place to start.  We are carbon accounting novices and have done our best to represent our vineyard and winery operation truly.  We welcome your comments.  We will post the calculator with our 2007 vintage figures here soon.