Fire Engine Red

Think globally, act locally
During the February 2009 “Black Saturday” bushfires, Elmhurst fire tanker and many crew members went to help at the Yea-Murrindindi fire complex. It was a fantastic effort, and we are proud of those who went, and the other brigade members who stayed to protect Elmhurst and district. While our Elmhurst tanker, and many neighbouring tankers were away on active duty, the Elmhurst Fire Brigade had to use private utes with farmers’ pumps and hoses in the event of local fire.
Benjamin Baker, our wine maker, had the brain-child of “Fire Engine Red” shiraz, where selected premium shiraz wine was bottled and labelled.  100% of the profits went to Elmhurst Fire Brigade as a part contribution to purchase the new ultra-light fire truck.

Ultra-light fire truck delivered: Everything that opens and shuts.  All  the bells and whistles, well sirens actually.

The fire engine red wine label is an example of custom labels being used for a fund raising promotion.

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