Our Story

High in the upper reaches of the Wimmera basin, grazing country meets rugged forest.  Hot days and cold nights.  Sparse soil over shattered sandstone.  This is the Pyrenees Ranges; this is where great shiraz is born.

Three generations of our family work our vineyard and winery.  Wimmera hills winery tempers the austerity of the renowned Pyrenees style with carefully handmade wine.  Wine maker, Benjamin Baker, attentively nurtures each vintage mixing the best of traditional techniques with innovative ideas and technology.  We are passionate about making really enjoyable wines.

Located on the south-west side of the Pyrenees Ranges, Victoria.  Our creeks are all tributary to the Wimmera River.  Our remote valley is a haven for echidna, wedge-tailed eagles, environmentalist, frogs, poets, and kangaroos.