Chocolate and wine pairing – Pyrenees Unearthed

Pyrenees Unearthed is a festival in the Pyrenees Wine Region, Victoria, Australia.
Showcasing our region’s brilliant wines, stunning art, and the best of country horse racing.
As part of the festival, we provided an intimate cellar door experience of chocolate and wine pairing.  The chocolates were all boutique Australian made chocolates from single-source plantation cocoa.
Look out for Pyrenees Unearthed, late April 2017.

Photo by Rhonda Baum – visual artist


Today the wine is being pressed to separate the liquid wine from the grape skins and pips.   Ben is in the wine vat shoveling the must out into the press. Andrew is ready to operate the press.

Filling the press

Next the wine is stored in maturation vessels (like barrels) for the next few months, to allow favours to develop.


Berry Sensory Analysis

As we get closer to harvest we are looking for the flavour development in the flesh, the skins, and the seeds. Berry Sensory Analysis looks at the important qualities of tannin, acidity, and sugar content.

If you would like to be involved with this year’s harvest, send an email to That way we can keep you updated as we are expecting to pick the fruit very soon.