Nice time for a Summer Rosé Spritzer

Hot summer days…

On those hot summer days when you just need something light and refreshing try Nude Shiraz Spritzer – so chilled and low in alcohol too.
Nude shiraz 2021, hand harvested from our estate grown vines in the Pyrenees Wine Region. The berries are picked at full flavour. This is a red wine made in a white wine style; a dry rosé, Nude is matured in French oak displaying a hint of caramel.

Make yourself a Nude Rosé Spritzer
In chilled glass add ice, Wimmera hills Nude shiraz then top up with soda water and garnish with a strawberry and sprig of mint.

HINT: mix up a jug of spritzer and find a shady tree and a good book.

If we have been working in the vineyard doing summer foliage management all day we will mix the spritzer with more soda water, and serve it in a tall glass with lots of crushed ice.