New Pizza Menu… our Friday Night Pizzas continue

The new pizzas are Rustled Lamb and the Big ‘Gus.
The next Pizza Nights are:
Friday 7th February, serving 6pm til 10pm.

Friday 21st February, serving 6pm til 10pm.

Dates for Pizza Nights in March will be confirmed when the dates for grape harvest are determined. And the grape harvest all depends on the amount of sunshine and the amount rain we get leading into Autumn.

Friday pizza night at the cellar door

Friday 22 November, serving 6pm – 10 pm

Friday 6 December, serving 6pm – 10pm

Friday 20 December, serving 6pm – 10pm

Friday 10 January, serving 6pm – 10pm

Friday 24 January, serving 6pm – 10pm

Medium pizza and glass of wine $22/head.
Please book your seat, and advise of dietary requirements.  0418 141 685
Bottles at cellar door prices

pizza menu:
hot and spicy chorizo
gourmet ham and cheese
anchovies and olives classico
quattro fromage
pumpkin salad (vegetarian)
mushroom & chilli (spicy vegetarian)
roast vegetable (vegan)
kale and tomato (vegan)
gluten free available.


Winter warm up with a mulled wine

Traditional old English combination of spices, fresh ginger and citrus zest with rich brown sugar. Perfect after a day of skiing, out camping, or sharing with friends at a bonfire.

We have taken all the hard work out of making mulled wine. We have ground up the fresh spices, steeped them for 24 hours to extract the flavours, blended with sugars, and jarred up hot to preserve in all that goodness. Ready to use, and easy. Because we have preserved the spices while they are fresh, our syrup is bursting with deliciousness.

How to make brilliant mulled wine:
Warm up a bottle of red wine with 2 tablespoons of Smoking Bishop syrup. A perfect winter warm up. Garnish with your own slices of orange or star anise.

Or you can just warm up one cup of mulled wine in the microwave. Great way to use up half bottles of wine.

One 200ml jar of Smoking Bishop syrup will make up 5 bottles of mulled wine.

Wine club delights sent for summer

As the festive season creeps toward us we’ve put together a bundle of fun for our Wine Club members. Starting with two more sparkling Shiraz Red Cat prefect for Christmas lunch or as a gift inspiration prompt. There’s then a Nude Shiraz 2011 to keep you cool in the impending heat, serve chilled. The Brophy’s Choice along side a jar of our Smoking Bishop syrup to spice things up, so you can mix up a batch of mulled wine in case the Christmas season turns chilly.  Some 2017 Tiddlywinks to sweeten the deal and a bottle of Mrs Bakers Coffee liqueur to keep you going in times of need.
All this delivered, for less than 50% retail price.  You’re welcome.

New Release – Mrs Baker’s new gin – with indigenous pepperberry

It is PINK, it is hot, and it has Australian botanicals:   Tasmannia lanceolata.
Our newest gin has restrained the traditional botanicals of juniper, coriander and citrus in order to allow the indigenous pepperberry to glow through.  Not only does the pepperberry give the gin an peppery spicy flavour and mouthfeel; it imparts the gorgeous natural pink colouring.